Be Here Now – A Lesson in Client Etiquette

“Excuse me, I really need to take this.”

Do you?  Do you really??  Chances are you don’t, unless your wife is due to go into labor any day now, you have an ailing family member in the hospital or you sent your child to school a little under the weather and are expecting a call from the school nurse.  When you are with a client, be fully engaged with that client.  Put your phone on vibrate and only pick it up to ignore a call (though even this is unnecesary if you’ve put it on vibrate).

Put yourself in your client’s shoes before you take that call.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes.  When you answer a call or text while you are in a meeting with them, you are not impressing them by showing how busy or important you are.  You are essentially saying to them, “This call (or text) is more important than you are.  My time is more valuable than yours.”  This is an excellent way to offend your client and make them not want to do business with you anymore.  So keep in mind what it must feel like on the receiving end and weigh in your mind…do you really need to take that call?  Really???