Conquer Mobilegeddon: Become Mobile-Friendly

Mobilegeddon. Cellpocalypse. Smartastrophe. Whatever you call it, it can mean serious business for your small business when it comes to mobile search.

In April 2015, Google announced a change to its mobile search algorithm that could potentially affect the search rankings of sites that were not mobile-friendly by ranking mobile-friendly sites higher in search results. Most sites that failed to take steps to comply did not experience a HUGE difference in their mobile ranking, but Google upped the ante with their next mobile update in May 2016. [Test your site now for mobile-friendliness right here.]

Now, before you go thinking I’m promoting a sky-is-falling mentality, let me say this: If your site is not mobile friendly, but you stay relevant and crank out great content, you should probably still rank well in mobile search results. But what if your site were optimized for mobile? Could it rank better?

Mobile search continues to grow and is expected to overtake desktop search in the not-too-distant future. The efficiency of Google’s algorithm is about to improve and those sites still delaying the inevitable could find themselves in a pickle. With that in mind, a responsive design (or separate mobile friendly site with redirect) is fast becoming essential to a site’s optimal success.

If a complete redesign to a responsive website isn’t quite in your budget, I can transform you from not mobile-friendly to mobile-fabulous without breaking the bank! Your existing website remains intact for desktop users while a mobile redirect brings mobile users to your mobile site – a budget-friendly solution to Google’s new mobile algorithm!

It’s important to note that purchase of your mobile conversion tool will be separate from implementation service by Your Web Chick, which is value-priced at $398 . I recommend Graphene Mobile for most WordPress sites (currently only available through select designers like me – no additional fee) and DudaMobile ($7.20-$9.99/mo or $159 for life) for most non-WordPress sites.

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