Monday Morning Musing – Are you stuck?


In general, human creatures by nature do not adjust well to change.  There is a fear of the unknown, fear of letting go…fear of ‘turning the page’, if you will.  Some of us adjust to changes in our lives better than others, but if we refuse to let changes happen in our lives, we can never grow…we will become stuck on one ‘page’ and never experience the rest of the extraordinary book offered before us!  If I had not turned the page a year and a half ago by walking away from a job that had me stuck on an oppressive and unfulfilling ‘page’ where I was underappreciated, I wouldn’t be here.  I have so much freedom in knowing I am my own boss, that I am living up to my own standards (which are very high for myself) and that my clients genuinely appreciate what I do for them.

My wish for you on this glorious Monday morning is that you find the courage to turn whatever page in your business (and/or in your life) that is going to get you unstuck from where you may be now and take a wonderful step forward toward greater success!  Have a great week!!