Stuff I Like – Stuff I Recommend

Disclosure: This page contains endorsements for products and services, which means when you click on a link that I recommend, I may receive a commission or some other bonus from that click. However, these are all products and services that I have personally handpicked and that I use daily and/or recommend to my clients regularly (and not every link is an affiliate link).

Comparable in quality to BlueHost, but with the added benefit of being the World’s #1 GREEN hosting. They replace 3 times the amount of energy your website will use with wind power credits.
Ontraport Marketing Automation
Marketing automation and CRM at its finest. All-in-one business solution without the steep learning curve and hefty price tag of some other comparable platforms. Superb customer support is a bonus.
WordPress Backup Plugin
I’ve been using BackupBuddy to back up, migrate and restore WordPress websites since 2013 and I absolutely L♥VE it! I’ve recommend it to my clients for years and I happily recommend it to YOU, too!

Affordable Stock Photos from 123RF123RF
If you can’t find suitable free images for your online presence needs, this is my pick for affordable stock images. I prefer to use the on-demand packages; I’ve scored some great images for a buck or two apiece.
Affordable Stock Photos from DepositPhotosDepositPhotos
My #2 pick for stock images if 123RF doesn’t come through. I also opt for the on-demand packages with them; however, the per-image cost is a little pricier…starting at just under $5 each for the smallest package.
Content Creation Made EasyPicMonkey
Original content is a huge game changer in social media (versus sharing other people’s content). Tools like PicMonkey make it super easy to create your very own custom images that will never bring copyright into question.

Visionista ConnectionVisionista Connection
I can only take Direct Sellers so far with building their online presence, but I know a gal who can really help you ROCK your direct sales  success – she is, after all, The Million Dollar Party Girl!