Stuff I Like – Stuff I Recommend

Disclosure: This page contains endorsements for products and services, which means when you click on a link that I recommend, I may receive a commission or some other bonus from that click. However, these are all products and services that I have handpicked and that I use daily and/or recommend to my clients regularly (and not every link is an affiliate link).

High-Quality, Affordable HostingBlueHost
My new favorite hosting provider, especially for large and/or complex WordPress sites. Resource limits with other hosts had me singing the blues, but I’ve had no such problems with these guys so far!
I recommended this to my clients who needed to get mobile-friendly FAST even BEFORE Google’s Mobilegeddon. Duda’s app is quick, easy and affordable – perfect for small business professionals on a time and/or money budget.
Graphene Mobile
When Google’s Mobilegeddon hit, this was one of the solutions I recommended to my clients (with DudaMobile being another). This is a robust and highly customizable add-on for WordPress that’ll get you mobile-friendly in no time flat!

Try Site 5 Today!Site5 Hosting
With a variety of plans at prices that are affordable for small business and a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Site5 cannot be beat for small biz websites. My second choice for large and/or complex WordPress sites.
Free & Affordable Stock ImagesDepositPhotos
Affordable stock images for all your website, social media and/or email marketing needs. They offer a subscription service, but I personally use the pay-as-you-go credits packages (working out to about $1/each) and get GREAT images for about 3-4 credits each.
Visionista ConnectionVisionista Connection
I can only take Direct Sellers and MLM reps so far with their online presence, social media and email marketing. But I know a gal who can really help you ROCK both your sales and growing your team – she is, after all, The Million Dollar Party Girl!

GoDaddy Hosting
GoDaddy runs GREAT specials and has 24/7 phone support. I recommend them for small, simple WordPress sites or drag & drop website builder websites (but not large, complex WP sites).
What can you get on Amazon? Really, what CAN’T you get on Amazon?? Probably my favorite overall online store…great deals every day, hard-to-find stuff, all in one place.
My Favorite Projector by Epson
I L♥O♥V♥E this projector! This is the projector I use for my presentations and have recommended to others, who have also loved it. Very easy to use, high quality without a high price tag for businesses on a budget!!