Top Ten Spelling and Grammar Pet Peeves – Your/You’re

Yep, I’ve compiled a list of those grammar and spelling mistakes that drive teachers, employers, colleagues, etc crazy…and mnemonic devices to help you remember the correct usage.

Let’s get started with “your” and “you’re”.  This one’s easy!  “Your” is the possessive form, showing ownership of something:

Don’t forget to put gas in your car. (What belongs to you?  YOUR car.)

“You’re” is a contraction of “you are”.  If you could replace the word in your sentence with “you are”, you know YOU’RE using the proper form!

I heard you’re going to the concert.  (I heard YOU ARE going to the concert.)

So, to sum up:

Make sure YOUR tank is full if YOU’RE going to drive to the concert!

What are the spelling and grammar mistakes you see all the time that make you a little crazy?