We’re In This Together: 3 Month Web Presence Support Program

InThisTogether_withmugWhat if you could have a PARTNER in establishing and/or maintaining your online presence? What if there were someone who would work with you ONE-ON-ONE to answer YOUR specific questions and help you conquer YOUR specific challenges? That’s just what We’re In This Together is designed to do!

Here’s what you’ll get with this program:

  • 90 minute strategy session, conducted by phone with remote screen sharing, to audit the web design, social media and/or e-mail marketing components you currently have in place and discuss where enhancements can be made
  • 5-45 minute private follow-up calls to review progress, answer questions and troubleshoot issues you have encountered; 1 the first month, 2 each in the second and third month
  • Review and feedback on up to 3 blog posts/web pages (1 per month)
  • Limited email support throughout the 3 month program (quick questions)
  • 1 unscheduled “lifeline” phone call (up to 15 minutes) at any time during the program

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Single Payment of $498 or Installment Plan of $166 x 3

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