Content Bank Kickstart


Ok, so you’ve got your social media profiles set up; now what?!? Not sure where to begin with social media or where to find content? Bank some content and get off to a great start with my Content Bank Kickstart!

Here’s what you get in this must-have, done-for-you starter pack, all delivered to your inbox as a link to a zip file:

  • A customized, weekly-based social media plan you’ll use again and again for planning your content
  • Visual media, content ideas & resources and more, including:
    • 3 illustrated quotes PLUS 1 blank canvas, aligned with your branding, for you to use with PicMonkey, Canva, etc to create MORE illustrated quotes
    • Full page of additional text quotes relevant to your industry
    • 3-4 starter pieces for each of the other daily categories in your weekly plan (not the quotes category)
    • Suggested resources and procedures for how to get MORE of the same moving forward

Your completely customized social media plan and canvas(es) are yours to use FOREVER. This is no generic, one-shot deal that loses its value after the initial 28 day period.  This is not canned content, but content created and curated specifically with YOUR business and branding in mind.



Order your Content Bank Kickstart today for just $550
and soon everything will be coming up ‘daisies’!