I’ll Be There For You: Small Biz Support Subscriptions


Sometimes it’s nice to know you’ve got a partner when you encounter challenges in your small business and need support with things like…

  • Website Content Updates (including proofreading, layout and publication/scheduling)
  • Content Creation & Curation
  • Social Media Branding & Set-up
  • Email Marketing (Account Setup, Organization & Database Management)
  • Online Newsletters (including proofreading, layout and publication/scheduling)
  • Image & Graphic Manipulation (“Graphic Design Lite“)
  • Other Small Projects

Whatever assistance you may need in order to establish and/or maintain your online presence, I’ll Be There For You has got you covered. When you subscribe to this service on a monthly basis, you’ll enjoy a discount off my usual hourly rate – the more hours in your package, the greater your discount! (Unused hours do NOT carry over to the following month.)

1 hour/month
Save 5% off my usual hourly rate
2 hours/month
Save 7.5% off my usual hourly rate
3 hours/month
Save 10% off my usual hourly rate

Custom subscription packages available upon request. Not sure which subscription is right for you? Shoot me a message!!