I’ll Be There For You: Small Biz Support Subscriptions


Sometimes it’s nice to know you’ve got a partner when you encounter challenges in your small business and need support with things like…

  • Website Content Updates (including proofreading, layout and publication/scheduling)
  • Content Creation & Curation
  • Social Media Branding & Set-up
  • Email Marketing (Account Setup, Organization & Database Management)
  • Online Newsletters (including proofreading, layout and publication/scheduling)
  • Image & Graphic Manipulation (“Graphic Design Lite”)
  • Other Small Projects

Whatever assistance you may need in order to establish and/or maintain your online presence, I’ll Be There For You has got you covered. When you subscribe to this service on a monthly basis, you’ll enjoy a discount off my usual hourly rate – the more hours in your package, the greater your discount! (Unused hours do NOT carry over to the following month.)

Choose your monthly hours

Custom subscription packages available upon request. Not sure which subscription is right for you? Shoot me a message!!