Jump Start Private Sessions


Are you facing challenges with establishing a web presence for your small business?  Do you lack the time to sit through hours of online video to find one or two useful nuggets of wisdom to help you with these challenges? 

In your Jump Start Your Web Presence private session(s), you’ll get one-on-one remote guidance in web marketing, social media and/or e-mail marketing. Your session will be conducted based on YOUR particular needs.  This service will get you pointed HEAD FIRST in the right direction, whether you need help:

  • Starting a blog
  • Setting up a Facebook Page for business
  • Getting started on Twitter or YouTube
  • Learning the basics of LinkedIn, Pinterest and/or Instagram
  • Building and communicating with your e-mail community
  • Designing a website (WordPress or site builders) or
  • Some combination of these things

Schedule your 90 minute session for $136.50 today!