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FriendsMeLogoUpdate 9/1/17: Since the publication of this article, Buffer has added Google+ Profiles to their lineup of included platforms. Since I use Buffer for many of my other social media channels, I have personally switched to Buffer for scheduling my Google+ posts as well.

Why, oh WHY couldn’t I have found this amazing tool sooner?!?!? Apparently, it’s been kicking around for a few years and I just recently learned about it! For some time, DoShare was the only social media scheduling tool that I knew of that allowed third-party scheduled posts to PROFILES on Google+ (there are many that allow you to schedule content for Google+ PAGES). Google+ recently updated their API policy/functionality and DoShare did not update their programming to comply. This made it impossible to attach images to my posts. *pout* Talk about throwing a serious wrench in my social media marketing strategy! Visual Content is KING, after all!  I found an article online that recommended BuzzBundle, but that doesn’t handle posting images, either. *double pout*

I’m aware that there is some controversy surrounding social media automation. But let’s be serious – I could not possibly run my business if I were to try to post LIVE at the optimal times on all the social media platforms I’m on. I’d never get any actual work done for my clients and then there would be an uprising! At the same time, I am not promoting a “set it and forget it” approach to social media; you’ll still need to check in on your social media accounts at least once or twice a day to seize any opportunities to engage with your audience that might come up (respond to any inquiries, for instance).

Back to Friends+Me…in addition to G+ profiles (and pages!), you can schedule content to your Facebook profile (you can use it for pages, but I recommend Facebook’s native tool for that), LinkedIn profile and pages, Twitter and more. Images automate beautifully to Google+ with Friends Plus Me…I have yet to try posting to the other platforms via F+M as I currently use Buffer for those (and I am NOT going to give it up – I love my Buffer and I use their Awesome plan for Pinterest and Facebook Groups that I admin). Friends+Me offers a FREE plan that lets you connect 1 account for every supported social media platform, up to 3 accounts total. If you love it and want to use it for more accounts, you can get started for just $9/month, which lets you connect up to 10 accounts! Sweet deal if you ask me!!


your-two-cents2If you have some favorite scheduling tools that help you carry out your social media strategy, I’d love to hear all about them!

Share your social media tool reviews (including Friends+Me if you’ve tried it) in the comments!


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