4 Great Ways to Show Gratitude on Social Media

Displaying gratitude on social media is one effective way for your small business to draw its online audience closer and establish loyalty among its web community. Here are 4 easy ways you can do that:

On Periscope, you can thank your active viewers for their hearts and other interaction during a broadcast. After the broadcast, fullScope.tv is a great tool that reveals your top engagers in terms of hearts & comments. You can compose a tweet to them, something to the effect of, “Thanks for the Periscope love,” or, “Thanks for the hearts and comments on my broadcast!”

One great way to show gratitude on Twitter is with a retweet. A retweet is like an acknowledgment of someone’s value to you. You can also tweet someone’s article or other content that was valuable to you (and tag ‘em in it!), or just give ‘em a shout out with, “Hey thanks for [fill-in-the-blank]…,” and tag them in the tweet.

Next up, in 3 minutes or less, you can help add credibility to someone’s profile on LinkedIn by simply writing a recommendation. What a nice way to give thanks for great service! All you have do is visit their profile, scroll down to the Recommendations section and then click the link that reads, “Recommend [person’s first name].”

And last but certainly not least, you can “like” an update, article, video or whatever on Facebook. It’s kind of like saying, “Hey, I appreciate you posting that.” Take it a step further and you can Like the Page – better yet, comment on one of their posts and thank them for whatever it is that they do.


What are some of the ways you (and/or your small business) express gratitude using social media?

Has a brand ever done something on social media that made you feel appreciated?


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