This isn’t about ME. It’s about YOU.

Only one personality test measures how the world sees YOUIt begins and ends with YOU.  What makes YOU valuable?  Most assessments show you how you see the world – this one shows how the world sees you…am I tickling your fancy yet?

Sally Hogshead, branding expert and leading authority on the science of fascination, launched her new book How the World Sees You on July 1.

To celebrate all of the new insights she’s collected over the past decade of research, she started Project Fascination, with a goal to show 100,000 people the value of their personalities.

To help accomplish this, she has given me a special code to share with 100 people – a code that will get you into her Fascination Advantage® assessment (a $37 value) for free!  This has never been done before, and will only last until we reach 100,000 assessment takers!

And here’s the best part – Sally wants to set off a chain reaction to get her to 100,000 participants. So when you take the assessment using my free code, you’ll get the opportunity receive a code good for 100 assessments to share with YOUR community for free as well!

So how do you take the assessment? Easy peasy.

Go to the Personality Test page, enter my exclusive code, BL-yourwebchick, in the Book Code field, enter your information and click Start Now.

Once you’ve taken the assessment, Sally’s team will generate a custom code for you and load 100 assessments into your new account. That’s it. Now you’re ready to discover how your personality is custom built for certain situations, and which situations you should learn to avoid. And it only takes 5 minutes (you can even do it on your phone).

28 questions. 5 minutes. A whole new way to communicate.

Remember, the best way to empower someone is to show them their own highest value. Sally’s goal, my goal, and hopefully your goal now as well, is to show people the very best of themselves – the qualities that makes them more successful, more authentic, and more fascinating.

Remember that your code will expire once we reach 100,000 assessment takers. Don’t let this $3700 value go to waste. Take the assessment today and encourage your friends and followers to do the same!

Your Fascination Advantage Report is the first big step into knowing how your personality can be heard and remembered in an overcrowded market. And sharing the assessment will help others do the same. Find everything you need to put this knowledge into practice with your co-workers, close friends and significant other in Sally’s new book, How the World Sees You.

My archetype is “Beloved”. What’s yours? Please share in the Your Two Cents (comments) section!!

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your-two-cents2My archetype is “Beloved”, what’s yours?

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