Journey to Success: Kathy Dickson

I invited local small business owners to share their entrepreneurial tales with me and my community LIVE at my event, Journey to Success 2014. I received about a dozen submissions, many of which I will be sharing with you. Here, the first of three who were chosen to speak at Journey to Success, Kathy Dickson of Vital Body Wellness:
Success Storyteller 2014 Kathy Dickson

You could say my journey has been a circuitous one. I’m really an artist at heart, purpose-driven…but at age 20, I found myself a single mom with no marketable skills. So, I went to college to study Industrial Engineering (really?). Hey, it was the 80s — women in technical fields were in high demand, and baby needed a new pair of shoes (not to mention, we both needed a roof over our heads)!

Once I got my degree, I pursued a career that paid well but led to numerous health issues because I was doing work that I didn’t love. Pain is a huge motivator for me, so I sought out natural solutions: exercise, massage, herbs, nutrition, and mind-body modalities. As my symptoms began to fall away, I became more resilient and vibrant again. I shared the things I learned on my journey back to health with whoever would listen.

Fast forward 25+ years…I found myself in a development and leadership role for a corporate wellness program that was dramatically changing employees’ lives. This incredibly rewarding, meaningful work changed the trajectory of my life. I became certified in Thai Massage, then went to school for holistic nutrition and became a Certified Health Coach. I started Vital Body Wellness – Holistic Health and Nutrition in 2012. Now I live a rewarding, purpose-driven life helping people create vital bodies so they may live vibrant, and healthy, happy lives.

Vital Body Wellness: Success StorytellerKathy Dickson founded Vital Body Wellness in 2012 because she is passionate about wellness and helping others create healthy, happy, balanced lives. She is a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach as well as a Certified Thai Massage Practitioner who received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC and the Institute of Thai Massage in New Jersey.

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