Fascination Advantage: Hooray for Second Chances

fascination-advantage-what-people-love-about-youIn the summer of 2014, I had the wonderful opportunity to share an amazing personality assessment with 100 of my readers – a $19.99 value – for FREE. Now Sally Hogshead, the creator of  Fascination Advantage®, has DOUBLED her gift to me by allowing me to make TWO HUNDRED people feel absolutely incredible. How? I get to show them what makes them fascinating and extraordinary via the Fascination Advantage® report. So if you missed it the first time around, here’s your second chance!

What makes Fascination Advantage® different from other assessments?

  • First system rooted in branding rather than psychology, to measure your personal brand
  • Rather than focusing on how you see the world, it measures how the world sees YOU
  • The results of THIS assessment teach you how to market yourself
  • Highlights what you’re already doing right instead of centering on weaknesses

What makes you different? Your personality has a built-in specialty and it’s what makes you fascinating. Discovering your personality’s #1 advantage (in 5 minutes or less) is like discovering your natural superpower. When you communicate using this advantage, you garner more attention (and earn more revenue).

After completing the brief assessment (just 28 questions), you’ll immediately receive your customized results. Your report will define your unique advantages— and how to use them to propel your career and/or your business forward.

In a crowded, competitive world, it’s important to understand what kind of impression you’re making on clients and co-workers. Hundreds of thousands of people have learned their Personality Advantages, and now you can too.

So without further ado, here is the code that’s been created just for my readers: JOY-YWC2016. You can use it here until February 29, 2016. “The Beloved” is my archetype. That means PASSION is my primary advantage (I remind people how to play) and TRUST is my secondary advantage (I comfort people with warm, familiar traditions). I’m interested to hear about YOUR results! Feel free to share in the comments below!!

your-two-cents2Have you taken the Fascination Advantage assessment?

Share your results below, as well as your impressions of the assessment process and what it says about you!


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  1. Mystique & Alert

    1. Thanks for sharing your results, Heather! You listen and protect…sounds pretty accurate to me!

  2. Thanks, Bonny! Very interesting. Passion and Innovation

    1. That’s awesome, Charlotte! Sounds about right to me!!

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