LinkedIn: 3 New Features in the App

LinkedIn just rolled out 3 new features for their mobile app last week (these are not currently available on the desktop or mobile browser versions of LinkedIn…just the app).

1. Customize your feed. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of any post in your feed to customize what you want to see. Hide updates from or unfollow connections that you find less interesting or whose content is just not that relevant to you or your business. It seems to me that this feature ‘learns’ from your actions, so if you hide a LOT of posts from a connection, over time, LinkedIn will intuitively begin to show you fewer posts from that person. ‘Improve my feed’ lets you define topics that interest you and follow leaders you want to see more from.


2. Bookmark stuff! In the lower right hand corner of every article, you can now ‘save for later’. It happens to all of us…we’re cruising the feed, we see an article we want to read, but we just don’t have time at the moment, we make a mental note to return to it…and we never do. NOW with this feature, you just pop on over to your profile and LinkedIn will let you know, “You have xx saved items.”


3. Search for posts. People, Jobs, Companies and Groups have always been there, but now Posts has been added as an option so you can find content on LinkedIn that interests you. This is a great way to not only keep on top of industry trends, but also to find relevant content for curation and sharing!


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Which of the new LinkedIn app features do you think is the most needed by its users?

Which of the new features do you think YOU will use most often?

What additional features would you like to see LinkedIn add to their app?


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