Top 10 Affordable Tools for Small Business Owners – #5 LogMeIn

We begin the top half of my list with LogMeIn, a free website application that lets you access your remote desktop from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.  Who hasn’t been in an important meeting or with a potential client and forgot an important document or wished they could share a particular email?  LogMeIn is like sitting in front of your own PC without actually having to sit in front of your PC (or Mac). I love using it to work on my office PC while sitting in my living room, using my laptop.  It eliminates the need to have an installation of things like QuickBooks on two machines and then having to sync the data files, etc. LogMeIn Free gives you basic remote access to your PC or Mac over the web. “Stay connected no matter where you are for free”.

The Pro version ($9.99/month or $69.95/annually) lets you print from your remote computer to a local printer as well as hear sounds from your remote PC. You can even share files with Pro as if your remote PC/Mac were a server! To top all this off, there are even apps for your iPhone (free) or Android ($29.99) – I’m not sure of the reason for the huge pricing gap here, but even so…the 30 bucks is a small investment for the powerful tool you get. Check it out today and Happy Remoting!!

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