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Top Ten Spelling and Grammar Pet Peeves

Top 10 Spelling & Grammar Mistakes

Yep, I’ve compiled a list of those grammar and spelling mistakes that drive teachers, employers, colleagues, etc. crazy…and mnemonic devices to help you remember the correct usage. Let’s get started with… Your and You’re This one’s easy!  “Your” is the possessive form, showing ownership of something: Don’t forget to put gas in your car. (What belongs …

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Prime Day 2017: Amazing Deals for Your Small Business

Amazon’s Third Annual Prime Day is upon us and that means an opportunity to grab some awesome deals for your small business (and yourself!). Beginning at 9PM ET (6PM PT) on July 10, get in on thousands of lightning deals with new deals starting as often as every 5 minutes for 30 hours straight.  What is …

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Fraud Alert: HP Support Phone Call Scam

When it comes to cell phone practices, I tend to ignore 800 numbers as well as any numbers I do not recognize. An 800 number I don’t recognize? Fuggedaboutit. But when 800-711-2884 called me twice in one day, I was curious who it could be. An internet search seemed to reveal that it was HP …

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Small Business Tools: Truly Free Stock Photography

UPDATE: Stock.Xchng in now FreeImages, but the standard license remains mostly unchanged. Link revisions and other slight changes have been made below. As a small business owner, you need access to great images for your website, blog posts, social media, print marketing, etc.  There is an abundance of “royalty free” sites out there that charge …

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Positive Thinking: Yes, Virginia, It Really Works

Small Business Inspiration: Positive Thinking

We hear it all the time – “Think positive!” or “Remember the power of positive thinking!”.  Is there really power in positive thinking? Absolutely! You may not be able to make miracles happen simply by thinking positively, but you’ll certainly never make things happen by thinking negatively!! Here are a few tips to help you …

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