Top 10 Affordable Tools for Small Business Owners – #8 GroupMe

Send out a text message to your best clients regarding upcoming specials, promotions and news or just keep in touch with colleagues about an upcoming event. With GroupMe, you populate your groups with people already in your contacts, then you can send and receive messages using your data connection. Any time you have a weak connection, you can switch to SMS, so you never miss a message!

You can also start discussions in Open Groups by directing a topic towards your GroupMe contacts, or send it out on your social networks and see who joins. Find Open Groups from your contacts using the Discover tab.

You can even take private conversations aside with Direct Messaging, add photos, submit your location with any message you send and see all group members on a map. What an excellent way to market to small, targeted groups or keep up-to-the-minute with team members!


Available for all smartphone platforms, FREE.

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