Top Motivational/Inspirational Songs for Small Biz: 2016 Edition


Welcome to my 4th annual round-up of inspirational and motivational tunes for entrepreneurs and small business professionals. Scroll through, enjoy the videos and boogie your way through the rest of 2016 feeling motivated and inspired to conquer your little corner of the small business world! I welcome any additions you think I might have missed; just add them in the comments below!

#5 Me Too by Meghan Trainor OK, maybe a bit over-the-top in the vanity department for some palettes, but I think it’s a great confidence booster for any time yours is flagging (especially you female entrepreneurs out there). And that funky beat in the middle is just impossible not to boogie in your chair to! (My favorite line? “Even if they try to, they can’t do it like I do.” Such an important thing to remember as small biz people – you probably have competitors, but nobody does what you do exactly the way you do it.)

#4 Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake At first, I just thought of this as a really awesome feel-good song, but it’s totally got undertones of motivation for small business people…”I fly so high, no ceiling, when I’m in my zone.” Sure, Justin’s zone might be when he’s dancing, singing and/or entertaining, but you know how high you feel when you’re in your own entrepreneurial ‘zone’…can’t stop the feelin’ indeed.

#3 Rise Up by Andra Day Okay, yes, it was actually released in the summer of 2015 apparently. But I never heard it until this year. Perhaps it didn’t gain widespread notice until after the album was nominated for Best R&B Album and Rise Up was nominated for Best R&B Performance at the 2016 Grammys. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Anyway…”I’ll rise up. And I’ll do it a thousand times again.” Yep. Goosebumps.

#2 Just Like Fire by P!nk With lines like, “If I can light the world up for just one day,” and, “No one can be just like me anyway,” (among others), it’s only right this one ends up on my list this year! (If I’d been doing this list back in 2012, she totally would have made the cut!)

#1 Rise by Katy Perry With songs like Firework and Roar and now Rise, she must be one of the most prolific anthemic artists in recent memory. In fact, she was #1 on my list back in 2013. Rise includes themes of transformation, faith and determination (like the phoenix I imagine rising from the ashes whenever I hear the chorus), themes I believe every entrepreneur, direct seller and small business professional is familiar with.

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