Top 10 Affordable Tools for Small Business Owners #10 CamCard

Want to get organized, save time and be more productive? The apps, gadgets and websites I’ll be highlighting in this series will get you on the road to doing just that. Please take note, these are by no means paid endorsements…they appear on this list based solely on personal experience and/or recommendations from fellow small business owners.

CamCard mobile app: The fastest, easiest way to scan, enter, store, manage and share your business cards! Use your smartphone’s camera to “scan” a business card, add the information to your contacts and sync card data across devices. I tried several business card scanner apps for my Android and found this one to have the best recognition technology. The free version limits users to saving 200 cards.  Available for Android ($11.99 for full version), iPhone (full version is $2.99), Blackberry ($9.99 for full version) and Windows Mobile (the pro version for Windows Mobile also appears to be free).  So get rid of that shoebox full of business cards and get CamCard!!

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