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Small Biz Owners: Don’t Get Bullied by Your Web Designer!

Don't Let Your Web Designer Bully You!

Y’know what really burns my butt (besides a flame about 2 feet high)? It’s when web designers employ tactics that essentially intimidate small business owners into using their services or hold them hostage through their domain and hosting accounts. So I’d like to share these tips on how to protect yourself from having it happen …

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Yes, Virginia, You CAN Get Free Images for Use on the Web!! [UPDATED FOR 2018]

You CAN get images for your blog, social media, website, newsletter, etc completely, honestly and absolutely free at  Granted, they don’t have thousands of images (yet) and they’re not searchable in the traditional sense (where you type a keyword into their provided search field and receive a list of every image related to that …

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Google Encrypted Search and SEO – No Need to Panic!

There’s been a lot of talk (maybe too much talk) about Google’s roll-out of encrypted search.  This has actually been a soft roll-out nearly two years in the making.  In 2011, they began encrypted searches for all users who were signed in to their Google accounts.  Now they have made the switch to secure search …

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No More Price Banners on Pinterest!

Remember how you could type a dollar amount in the description for a ‘pin’ and like magic, Pinterest would insert a groovy little banner up in the corner over your image?  Well, NO MORE!! Now, with the roll-out of other ‘enhancements’ in mid-May, Pinterest has done away with those cute little banners (and the little boost it brought …

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Over $1000 in Cash and Prizes

In honor of my one year anniversary as a small business owner, I am having a Client Appreciation event!  To thank those who have utilized my services and encourage others to do the same, I am giving away over $1000 in cash and prizes!! To prepare to be eligible for the GRAND prize, you’ll want …

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