Social Media Scavenger Hunt

So…are you ready to participate for your chance to win a share of over $1000 in prizes?  Here’s what you’ve gotta do: answer the following questions and complete the listed actions (for actions, simply enter DONE or a check mark in the space).  Submit your entry via e-mail to

This list is also available as a PDF.  You can print it out, write in your answers, scan it & e-mail it.  Or you can copy & paste the text below into the body of a blank e-mail in your e-mail program and type in your responses.

ENTRY DEADLINE IS JUNE 7TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Social Media Scavenger Hunt


_____ Comment on two of Timely Manner Consulting’s blog posts

_____ Retweet three of Timely Manner Consulting’s tweets

_____ Share two of Timely Manner Consulting’s Facebook posts on your Facebook biz page. If you do not have a biz page (WHY don’t you have a biz page? hehe), you may share to your personal profile.


QUESTIONS (Follow me on Twitter for hints on some of the tougher questions Hashtag: #tmchunt)

1. How many Gerber Daisies are there in Timely Manner Consulting’s logo? ___________

2. When did Timely Manner Consulting join Facebook (day, month AND year)? ___________

3. How many spelling & grammar pet peeves in the May-June 2012 blog series? _________

4. How many categories are there on Timely Manner Consulting’s blog? __________

5. What is the title of my signature talk? ____________________________________________

6. What is Timely Manner Consulting’s mission? 


7. Name two websites redesigned by Timely Manner Consulting (title OR URL).



8. Name two products/services endorsed by Timely Manner Consulting.



9. Name the two services or packages listed on Timely Manner Consulting’s Services page that
your business would be most likely to use.




If you submit an entry and are informed that some of your answers are incorrect/incomplete/etc, YOU MAY RE-ENTER AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF TIMES until all winners are declared.  Refresh your memory about prizes and eligibility by going here.  Please note, entries will be verified before a winner is declared (i.e., if an action is required for a particular item, you must complete the action for your entry to be considered eligible).  Have fun!

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