Stay In Your Lane

stay-in-your-laneWhen calling to convey her admiration and appreciation for the work I’d done on a brochure for her foundation, a client of mine remarked, “I looked at my husband and said, ‘Why couldn’t we come up with this?’ and then I realized…’You need to Stay In Your Lane.’”

I knew exactly what she meant, though I’d never heard it expressed quite that way before.  Each and every one of us has an aptitude for SOMETHING, but no one has an aptitude for EVERYTHING.  I know programmers who can do remarkable things with internet and computer applications, but they can’t spell worth a darn.  I know successful business owners who believe in the products or services they offer, but they don’t enjoy being involved in any kind of social media marketing.

According to our talents, background and individual experiences, we all have strengths and certain things we are passionate about.  Likewise, we each have weaknesses and there are certain things that just don’t light us up.  These are the areas of our business we need to free ourselves from.  We can do that by outsourcing certain responsibilities or projects to a company or individual who is passionate about the things that we’re not, whether that means forging a strategic alliance, bringing in a partner or hiring a virtual assistant.

Just because something may be vital to you achieving your best success, that doesn’t mean it has to be done by you.  Drop the “Little Red Hen” syndrome and learn to let go of those aspects of your business that you don’t enjoy.  Pursue your PASSION.  Do what LIGHTS YOU UP.  STAY IN YOUR LANE.  Focusing your energy on the aspects of WHAT YOU LOVE about what you do will bring you closer to the most successful “you” you can be.

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