Facebook: Building Relationships

If you’re going to engage in social media marketing via Facebook, then engage in it!  To simply post an update on your Facebook Page and then disappear for days is like popping into a room, spouting off some controversial or incredibly interesting statement and then popping out again…returning who-knows-when.  This does not create a meaningful dialogue between you and the occupant(s) of the room (or your Facebook followers).  Pulling this kind of disappearing act does not build relationships, which is, after all, what you’re trying to do with your Facebook Page, is it not?

Hey, I totally understand the challenges of small business owners…I am one!  Not only do you not WANT to spend hours on Facebook, you don’t have the TIME to spend hours on Facebook.  One of the keys to building client relations on Facebook, as with many things, is to strike a balance – balance between engaging with your customers and still having time to actually generate revenue to keep your business going.  Some experts say the only way to engage with your business contacts on Facebook is to manually post your updates in real time, i.e., don’t use the scheduling option in Facebook or third-party tools like Buffer (my personal favorite) or HootSuite.  I disagree.  I believe the best way to find that balance is to make use of those scheduling tools and then spend 10 – 30 minutes, twice a day (once in the morning and again in the afternoon), engaging with your followers.  Scheduling updates and posts in advance ensures that it will get done.  Engaging daily builds relationships.  See?  Balance!


Chime in on scheduling social media posts versus only posting live.

Also, if you do use scheduling tools for Facebook, which ones have you tried? Which is your favorite and why?


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