Is There an Answer to Small Business Owner Overwhelm?

I may be showing my age, but remember this guy?

You may not be attempting to write a song about a Little Lamb or trying to find a word that rhymes with snow, but you may be familiar with his feelings of frustration if you’ve ever struggled to build a web site or taken a bash at generating the opt-in form code it takes to build your online e-mail marketing list.  Don’t bang your head against the keyboard like Mr. Don Music here, and don’t waste another precious hour of your time wrestling with tasks that can be outsourced.

As a small business owner, time is absolutely your most precious commodity.  Spending that time on things that don’t really build your business,  aren’t really your forté or drain your energy can cause Small Business Owner Overwhelm (or SBOO, as I like to call it…seems everything has an acronym these days).  What’s more, they can eat away at the joy of being a small business owner that you once felt.

Ask yourself if you can really afford spending two to three hours of your precious time on a task that might take someone else an hour; someone who specializes in these types of tasks and would actually enjoy doing it.  Yes, I’m talking about outsourcing to a web designer, social media manager or other consultant.

There are several reasons you might consider outsourcing certain aspects of your small business to a consultant.

To increase flexibility.  Remember why you wanted to be a small business owner in the first place?  At least one of the reasons must have been to set your own hours.  Perhaps now you find that flexibility is not as flexible as it once was because you’re trying to juggle too many responsibilities that come with the territory.  Plus, you’re probably trying to keep up with a blog as well as the latest social media techniques that come with doing business in today’s marketplace.

To boost efficiency.  By outsourcing things like social media management and website design/maintenance, you will have more time to focus on things like in-person networking, lead follow-up, meeting with potential clients and fulfilling your current clients’ needs.

To reignite your passion for what you do.  Let’s face it, unless you’re a web professional by trade, designing websites, creating e-mail templates and writing social media content probably does NOT “light you up”.

If you’re ready to reawaken the satisfaction that comes with being a small business owner by outsourcing your web design/SEO, social media and/or e-mail marketing, contact me for your FREE introductory session.

your-two-cents2Small business owners! What is the #1 thing you’d like to delegate to someone else and what prevents you from doing so?

Share your wish list below; perhaps I can pair you up with the perfect person to help you wear just one less hat (or maybe even two)!


teach-to-fish-give-a-fish_blogAward-winning web professional Bonny Clayton, aka Your Web Chick, offers web design, support and maintenance for small business, with a specialty in WordPress.

A Tech Geek with a Creative Streak℠, she helps small business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere establish and maintain their online presence. She is committed to serving them according to their needs, whether that means “giving them a fish” or “teaching them to fish”.

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