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Is There an Answer to Small Business Owner Overwhelm?

I may be showing my age, but remember this guy? You may not be attempting to write a song about a Little Lamb or trying to find a word that rhymes with snow, but you may be familiar with his feelings of frustration if you’ve ever struggled to build a web site or taken a bash at generating …

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Procrastination is Just Another Word for “Don’t Wanna”

procrastinate [proh-kras-tuh-neyt]: to defer or delay (action). Dally.  Dawdle.  Drag one’s feet.  Give the run around.  Hesitate.  Hold off.  Let it slide.  Loiter.  Lollygag. Postpone.  Stall.  No matter how we say it, it all means the same thing…we’re still just prolonging the inevitable! Why?  Why do we put off things we know need doing?  Laundry.  Blogging.  Scrubbing the floor.  …

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A Quick Exercise in Outsourcing

The time and energy we waste putting off the things we dislike doing can cost us more in the long run than the money we could put toward outsourcing those tasks!  When considering what to outsource, ask yourself… What three tasks do I dislike doing the most?  Can I find a way to outsource them? Are there things taking up …

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