Procrastination is Just Another Word for “Don’t Wanna”

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procrastinate [proh-kras-tuh-neyt]: to defer or delay (action).

Dally.  Dawdle.  Drag one’s feet.  Give the run around.  Hesitate.  Hold off.  Let it slide.  Loiter.  Lollygag. Postpone.  Stall.  No matter how we say it, it all means the same thing…we’re still just prolonging the inevitable!

Why?  Why do we put off things we know need doing?  Laundry.  Blogging.  Scrubbing the floor.  Building a website.  Designing new marketing materials.  Tweeting.  Email marketing.  Filing.

It may be because we might have to learn a new skill or improve on existing ones.  We may feel we don’t have the time to devote to doing it ‘just right’.  In many cases, though, it simply comes down to ‘don’t wanna’.  Yet, tackling those things (or acquiring assistance to tackle those things) can free your mind from the distraction of knowing those things are not getting done by themselves.  Freeing your mind from that distraction can, in turn, open you up to new possibilities, revitalize you, get your creative juices flowing again.  Why weigh yourself down with those aspects of your business that do not light you up?  DELEGATE!

Explore for yourself why you procrastinate on certain things.  In business, if it comes down to ‘don’t wanna’ and it has gotten to the point that it is holding you back from progress and success, it’s time to hand it off – bring in a cleaning person, hire an employee, contract with a web designer or virtual assistant.  Do something to release yourself from the chains of ‘don’t wanna’!
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Here’s your opportunity to put in your two cents!

What are the biggest things YOU tend to procrastinate over??


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