Greatest Hits: Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

Trying to decide what to write for my first blog post of 2017, I thought it might be fun to sort of “recap” 2016. So I reviewed my traffic statistics to figure out what my top 5 blog posts of 2016 were. And here they are!

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Top Motivational/Inspirational Songs for Small Biz: 2016 Edition


Welcome to my 4th annual round-up of inspirational and motivational tunes for entrepreneurs and small business professionals. Scroll through, enjoy the videos and boogie your way through the rest of 2016 feeling motivated and inspired to conquer your little corner of the small business world! I welcome any additions you think I might have missed; just add them in the comments below!

#5 Me Too by Meghan Trainor OK, maybe a bit over-the-top in the vanity department for some palettes, but I think it’s a great confidence booster for any time yours is flagging (especially you female entrepreneurs out there). And that funky beat in the middle is just impossible not to boogie in your chair to! (My favorite line? “Even if they try to, they can’t do it like I do.” Such an important thing to remember as small biz people – you probably have competitors, but nobody does what you do exactly the way you do it.)

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3 Creative Ways to Stand Out in Social Media

If you want to stand out from the social media crowd, here are 3 creative things you can do:

Make good use of visual media. The people viewing your social media posts are going to process images and video SO much faster than text, so it’s important to include this visual media in your content. By visual media, I don’t just mean illustrated quotes (although they’re great, effective examples). Video is HUGE right now (I probably don’t even have to tell you that). Graphs, charts, memes, infographics, templates and comic strips are also all great examples of visual media you can create as part of your social media campaigns.

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3 Quick & Easy Things That Improve Your Online Presence

What can you do on your website, in your social media profiles and with email marketing to improve your online presence before the end of the year? Here are three ideas, in no particular order:

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You are extraordinary. Here, let me show you.


Sally Hogshead created The Fascination Project to overcome the daily flood of negative messages that we need to “fix” ourselves. When we don’t feel confident, we play small, and everyone loses. Instead of those negative messages, I want to show you how extraordinary you are. Sally has extended me the opportunity (along with other Fascination Advocates) to once again show 100 of my friends and followers what makes them fascinating. 

You read that right. I am giving 100 people the gift of confidence, optimism, and just a sprinkle of sparkle. In less than 5 minutes, you can learn who you are, at your best. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to claim your FREE assessment:

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