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Is There Hope for Company-Sponsored Direct Sales Consultant Sites?

Important note: Before employing any of these techniques, please review your Consultant Agreement to be sure you remain within the marketing guidelines set forth by your company. From a strictly ease-of-use standpoint, it’s nice that most direct sales companies provide their distributors with templates for personalized web pages.  Unfortunately, this practice provides reps with limited search engine traffic …

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Top 10 Affordable Tools for Small Business Owners – #3 Evernote

Where do I begin to sing the praises of this indispensable tool?!?  It’s not just great for small business owners, it’s a fantastic little tool for anyone who keeps any kind of lists, notes, memos, etc. Using Evernote is like having a portable, digital bulletin board with you everywhere you go. Jot a text note …

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So You’re Not Listed as the Registrant for Your Website. Now What?

So, you’ve discovered you’re not the true owner of your website.  You pay your webmaster for the registration as well as the hosting, and you paid for the design of the site.  Taking all that into account, how can you not be the owner??? When you retained a company or individual to build your site, the …

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