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Quick Guide to Running Facebook Contests

It seems like there’s some confusion out there when it comes to running contests on your Facebook page. Simply put, YES YOU CAN do it! Whether it’s to try to GROW your audience or to simply give back to your existing audience (or, if you’re like me…a little of both). Some people seem surprised when I …

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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges (Or Do We?)

Blue verification badges have been around on Facebook for a while now, to show that Facebook had confirmed the Page or profile for a public figure, media company or brand as authentic. But wouldja looky here! Now Facebook has added a GRAY verification badge for certain local businesses and other organizations to let people know …

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5 Tools That Will Make You an Online Presence Wizard (or Just Look Like One!)

Let’s face it, as small business owners and entrepreneurs, we’re all looking for ways to save time and frustration.  We’re always on the lookout for shortcuts to all things that will represent us and our companies as the fabulous entities we are.  Finding great tricks to improve our online presence is no exception.  Each of …

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Do You Need a Social Media Marketing Attitude Adjustment? – Part II

Social Media Networking IS Networking

In case you’re wondering what the heck happened to Part I, you can check it out here, a reprint of the original blog post I wrote for Interconnections for Women (they disbanded in December 2014). You probably know by now that you really should be using social media as part of your marketing efforts for your …

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Content Curation or OPC (Other People’s Content)

Content Curation or OPC

So the social media experts will all tell you that to grow your audience, you need good content. But it takes time and research to produce good content. Without an audience, how do you warrant spending that kind of time? Or maybe you simply struggle on a weekly or perhaps daily basis to come up …

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